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Originally Posted by smennear View Post
Hi my husband and myself purchased a house in Cozumel off grid. We are having a terrible time finding a propane fridge. Anyone with any thoughts?

This is what I'd do, in this order:

I'd check Home Depot in Playa

I'd walk down 30th in Playa from Juarez all the way through Colossio, stopping at every hardware/appliance/gas/plumbing/repair store along the way asking for leads.

I'd ask Absolute Al if he has one in his bodega

I'd check Mercado Libre, Amazon Mex, Vivaannuncios, Andale, etc...

Daytrip to Cancun and check out the markets

Weekend trip to Mexico City and check out the markets

Install solar and use an electric fridge

Use dry ice

Give up and stop eating food that needs regrigeration

Good luck
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