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Sedona and the Grand Canyon

Everyone's been to the Grand Canyon or at least has it on their bucket list. I was just goofing around one day, reading up on it and how a reservation for accommodation in the park has to be made months in advance, when lo and behold before I knew it I started making reservations and a trip fell into place.

So fast forward and we land in Phoenix. We find a cab and I ask the the taxi driver to take us to the car rental office on Indian School Road. He finishes my sentence because apparently it's popular to rent off site due to the amount of tax and fees piled on to any rental made at the airport.

We arrive and I'm told that it's my lucky day, that the car I'd rented was not available and that we'd been upgraded to a Jeep Cheroke. Great. The car is brought out front, left running, we do a walk around, I get in and off we go. There's a Walgreen's about a mile down the road so I pull in and we go in for some water.

When we come back out I put the key in the ignition and . . . nothing. In fact it doesn't quite fit; it jiggles around in the slot and doesn't seem right. The sweat starts to build up pretty fast: it's close to 100 outside and now inside the car, and I'm starting to realize I'm in a bit of a jam, which is so stupid.

I go inside the Walgreen's and find a guy and ask if he has any idea. He's amused but cannot help. I go back to the car, fiddle a bit, and just cannot figure it out. I realize I have to make the walk of shame one mile in the desert heat back to the rental office, but I have no other option.

As I walk away my wife Helen says that "the fob was in the dash." I ponder this as I walk and look at the fob, and then it hits me: the end of the fob is shaped just like the keyhole. The fob is the key - the fob is inserted into the ignition and not the wimpy little key:

The "panic"part - and boy was I panicking - goes into the ignition.

I don't get around much - talk about fresh off the boat. Sheesh!

My idiocy aside, we get onto the highway and head north toward Sedona, and what a beautiful view. Miles upon miles littered with those Saguaro cactii, things I'd only ever seen in movies:

The drive is all uphill and eventually the Saguaro come to a complete halt, I believe due to the freeze line. Then we sail over the ridge and start seeing signs indicating "gulches" and "arroyos," things I'd only ever before heard of in movies - this is great.

Finally we arrive in the Village of Oak Creek, about a 15 minute drive down the stunningly beautiful Red Rock Scenic Byway from Sedona and our home for the next few days.

Bell Rock as seen from the Village of Oak Creek.

After unloading we decide to drive up to Sedona and stop off at the Chapel of the Holy Cross:

Driving back we stop off at Courthouse Butte to take in the sunset:

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