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Happy New Year everyone!

In two days time we had a reservation at the Thunderbird Lodge in the Grand Canyon National Park, and on the present day the plan broadly was to get up early, drive up to the Upper and Lower Antelope canyons in Page, AZ and then hightail it back down to Cameron, AZ for an overnight stay before heading into the park the next day.

Unfortunately for us the blue skies were replaced by clouds and the forecast called for rain: the slot canyons are dangerous when there are flash floods and in any event I just didn't feel like doing all the required driving. So we took our time getting up to Cameron and as an alternative entered the park from the east and went as far as Desert View lookout tower.

While the south entrance to the park is all about pines, the east is desolate desert with broken rock and scrub clinging to life:

I believe this is technically part of the Grand Canyon but outside of the Park proper: it is odd to look over to your right as you're driving to see this massive crack in the ground:

Desert View is an architectural marvel decorated inside with Navajo motifs:

Our stay for the night was at the Cameron Trading Post, run by the Navajo:

In addition to being a motel it also has thousands of square feet of items for sale, from the very expensive to the "best" that China can offer

Navajo blanket room:

Navajo tacos - Navajo fry bread with died tomatoes, chilies, shredded cheese - were very popular in the dining room but I couldn't bring myself to order one.

Our room overlooked the Little Colorado River and was very comfortable.
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