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We got up the next day and while the forecast called for rain it was actually partly cloudy with some strong sunshine peeking through. But the further we drove toward the GC village the more accurate the forecast became.

We stopped at many of the points along the way:

And while these pics don't show it the terrain can vary greatly from point to point.

Parking is a bit of an issue in the village so I had to loop around a few times before I found a spot in the Bright Angel Lodge parking lot. To our surprise our room was ready shortly after noon; the room in the Thunderbird Lodge was compact but suited our needs. And the building is conveniently close to the rim.

A bit of light rain fell but it wasn't so bad; on the upside a rainbow formed:

By late afternoon the clouds completely closed off the sky and a light drizzle persisted, so there was no opportunity to take in a sunset and possibly gaze at the stars. After dinner in the Arizona Room we turned in for the night.

The next morning was much the same: I got up early to catch the sunrise but there was a mix of sun and clouds that shortly thereafter resulted in a steady drizzle. So we beat a hasty retreat back to Sedona, driving through the rain the whole way.

Thankfully it cleared up throughout the day and we were able to take in a sunset view of West Sedona from atop the Airport Mesa:

Coffee Pot Rock at sunset:

Even though the weather didn't cooperate with our one night stay in the Grand Canyon National Park it was offset somewhat by the fact that we had already been in the park twice before on the same trip with relatively decent weather.
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