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On our last day in Sedona I got up early to get gas and the sky was back to that blinding blue. So after filling up I made a beeline for the airport and booked an afternoon helicopter flight with Sedona Air Tours. This was something we'd talked about prior to the trip and it just about fell through until the weather cooperated.

To pass the time before the flight we visited the petroglyphs at V Bar V Ranch:

I know these are archaeologically important but I found it hard to get excited over them considering all the magnificent Mayan ruins we've seen.

Later we bummed around in upper Sedona for a while:

Finally it was time for the flight - expensive but recommended.

Cathedral Rock from ground level:

Cathedral Rock from above:

Bell Rock from ground level:

Bell Rock from above:

After landing we hopped in the car for the trip back to Phoenix for an overnight stay before out flight out the next morning.

To sum up, it was a great trip, one that I'd happily do again with perhaps visits to Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley included.
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