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I don't remember seeing a lot of garages in Q. Roo. Actually I have seen more people doing their repairs curbside on older cars than garages to be honest.

I know in the North there are the green angels, is there not a number you can call to get a referral? Or try the police or ministry of transport/DMV equiv they must have a downlow on garages in the area for any breakdowns they encounter.,lf_pqs:EAE

The shop called Carfix is recommended for BMW, not sure why.

Good starting point..

Here is their website

Phone number is in the previous link.

You may also like to contact BMW itself to see if there are any authorized mechanics for your make

Also you may like to ask Mayan Moto in Cancun if they know of any service centers or Mechanics for BMWs in Akumal or PDC.

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