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Originally Posted by Susie Q Roo View Post
Do you have some idea of what you might do here, in terms of employment?

Solicitation for Employed Relocation with Work Visa

The purpose of this post is to ask some questions.

I am looking for any suggestions or leads for employment in Playa Del Carmen or telecommuting that can be done from Playa Del Carmen.

Do you bring something that cannot be found from the local citizen pool of potential employees?
Certainly. I am a native English speaker with a university education, a technical and field specific background. I am not to say what the work pool is like right now in Q. Roo, as I am not in human resources or business management. I am also a trained communicator.

Check out the link I supplied for some of my background. I am a History major with minors in Anthropology, Applied Language Studies, and Legal Studies.

I have work employment as a student residence manager, and I am currently a bouncer at some nightclubs/bars. I have experience with corporate management of a radio station and I've volunteered and worked in teaching English as a Second Language. My background of studies is generally cultural studies, with knowledge of cultural resource management, archaeology, and multimedia.

Bear in mind there are plenty of people in Mexico with a knowledge of Mesoamerican indigenous and colonial history, it is Mexico. I'd be very interested in doing something related to cultural sites, perhaps related to tourism. Now there are a lot of people working in tourism and cultural stuff in Q. Roo, however perhaps there would be a use for a Native English speaker who is an Anglo from Canada. I have a working knowledge of French and Spanish. I've done 3 Immersion programs and taken a couple courses in French in University, I've taken 3 Spanish courses in University and one in highschool. This term I am suppose to complete all spanish grammar structures. Arguably I might deem myself intermediate. I can read Spanish ok, and can probably write Spanish as well as many Mexicans. I have a long way to go, and I have 3 more months of Spanish this term before finishing my current 201B Spanish course (I didn't take Spanish 101 as they had me take 102 because I already had knowledge of Spanish from my trips to Mexico. However based upon the general 5000 hours of use of Spanish I think it will be a long time until I gain fluency. None the less I've been able to stay in Mexico for months just fine, and I am fully functional as an extranjero/pesudo-gringo.

The jobs I have been offered in Mexico have been things like teaching English, call centers and time share services in as an Airport employee. I've seen others do internships in hotels/hostels, and real estate, etc..

I'd really like to do something in cultural resource management even if it doesn't pay very well as I'd like to eventually continue studies in CRM, such as building conservation. I'd also really like a chance to work with the Maya using traditional methods such as traditional Mexican small scale agriculture, indigenous construction using native materials etc...

Bear in mind I really have nothing set in mind with what I can do, I just want to give a run at relocating to Playa Del Carmen because it is the place my soul feels most energized, it is the place that keeps bringing me back. I feel at peace there, even though some of the most destructive moments of my life have occurred there.

I believe you have to become fluent in Spanish first, and then be here in person to look for employment.
Why do you say that? Although I would agree many employeers do want to meet people prior, it is actually way more complex because work visas can only be obtained from a consulate in the country of origin. How it works is that oftne a work clearance permit has to be gained first and then that is used for a work visa. It is fairly easy to get illegal work in Mexico, which can be done if you know the right people. However, I ain't interested in illegal work as I like Mexico too much to screw up migra relations.

However, I think you'd do much better to check the usual routes to find a telecommuting position.
I will likely check the Spanish classified sites they usually are the best for finding work in Mexico, as opposed to the English sites.

I am suppose to finish Imagina this term, we've worked through about half of it. I read and listen to Spanish news regularly. None the less I hope to be a firm intermediate by the end of term, I doubt I will be fluent by the end of the decade.

My main time sink is working on a website for my studies at its not a money thing though just a hobby. Its only up when I have it up right now as it is more of a study tool for me than a publication.

I could see myself doing importing too as I can usually find good prices on Chinese goods.

I'm suppose to do some heavy reading on Environmental History this term, and that likely will add to some of the knowledge I already have.

I am a big person on ancient history, primitive crafts and skills etc..

I have a little background in Security, I am security licensed. I drive motorcycle and Car. I would love to drive truck.

I am a keen learning always willing to learn new skills.
I have some training in electrical engineering technology/electronics and I am certified to build radios in Canada.

I am computer literate, I can host my own server, make websites, wordpress, social media knowledgeable.

I am a trained model.

I have no idea if there are any skills shortages.

Is there even a shortage of workers in anything in Playa?

No idea if or what is needed in playa.

I am also a trained private investigator, with knowledge of skip tracing and various clandestine skillsets.

Always willing to learn new skills.

I'd love to be an assistant/driver/personal aid to a wealthy family or person etc.. too. I am keen on increasing my knowledge of private security.

Very green though nothing at all expected. I am just someone who is willing and ready to make a run at relocating if an opportunity presents itself. I like the area I want to be there, so I have to make the attempt.

Often I am somehow involved with event planning.

None the less 0 expectation. I am not here to take a Mexican's job, I am hopeful to improve the function of Mexico so that it creates more bounty for Mexico which in turn will improve the quality of life for people in general, thereby adding to Mexico, and enhancing the nationals of Mexico.

I would compare it to someone having access to a pirated song (a crime in Mexico), where some poor chap might not even listen to it if they had to pay. I see what I am offering much the same, I really hope to be somewhere that I will add something people wouldn't be able to experience without me, I hope to provide people with something they wouldn't otherwise have, not to cheat someone out of their livelihood. I want everyone to be productive, I don't want to bring in jealously or hate. You know that is the job of the Migra or whomever approves work permits and visas to make those decisions. I am here to make myself available, its up to the business and government to decide if I will be beneficial to the state and the people.

You know Mexico may be on the verge of some really BIG changes when Trump assumes office. I assume if the boat is going to get rocked then having people willing to try to help keep Mexico floating, competitive etc.. are all good things. You know maybe nothing will happen but there are lots of instances where Mexicans may benefit from having assistants with native English backgrounds to understand what is going on, how tourism may be effected by a backlash against mexicans, flight of latino US workers and closing of illegal immigration conduits, a collapse of NAFTA, tit for tat etc... I see myself as a resource.

In my view Mexcio can benefit from good relations with Gringos and other Anglo Extranjeros. You know with Brexit a collapse of the EU and Russian sanctioning there is a lot of economic uncertanty, that could unfold, especially with the possible global effects of US protectionism. You know I think they can benefits from allies and followers, you know I am just one of those people. I like the area I want to see it succeed. If Mexicans are demonized in the looming trade war, than having non Mexican nationals that are fluent English speakers may be useful aides for Mexican businesses, especially if people look down on Mexican accented Mexican's trying to do business with them. I am not saying it would happen but you know I think there might be a big shake up looming between Mexico and the US.

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