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Sorry to sound pessimistic, but simply finding an employer in Playa del Carmen willing to sponsor you for a work visa are almost 0. In the big cities of Mexico, you odds would be about 5% if your Spanish is advanced.

One option is MONEY. Either a qualified pension, or a lump sum investment.

If those don't apply to you, then your next best option is just come down here, get black out drunk on 12th calle, fall in love with a local party girl, then 9 months later you can get meet you wonderful little work visa at the Hospital General (corner of Av 135 and Constituyentes).

If you aren't willing to mess up your life like that, then come down here for a 6 month visit and NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. If you're open to other cities (Cancun, Merida, Mexico City) your options will expand. If you think your skills at importing goods from China will help, then you'll want to meet someone who does that and work along side. (Tepito in Mexico City would be the best place for this option) However, with Chinese importing, keep in mind there are people that have been dealing with black market and knock off item trade for decades, and unless you're really good, this would be a difficult industry to break in to.

A simpler option if you have some money to live, would be to do language exchange. You shouldn't have any legal problems trading an hour of English for Spanish. After you get established doing that you can find some people to teach for cash (probably 50 to 100 pesos and hour). You'd then be breaking the law, but if you're VERY informal it should be no problem.

The other "technically illegal" thing you can do once you know the right people is simply referrals for accommodation and tours. If you bring me a client to stay in my rental units, I'll happily pay you 10% and I won't ask any questions about your immigration status. I charge $250 USD a week, I give you 500 pesos. Plenty of landlords in town will do this.

Dive Shops! Get certified as a Dive Instructor. I think that's one of the few industries out here that would actually do the visa paperwork for you. I could be completely wrong though. I do have a British friend who taught in Thailand and Cambodia for a decade. He was legally working the entire time. Not sure about here though...
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