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Originally Posted by Dan-0 View Post
Badbreath is right (for once ). Not only would working online let you skip the bureaucratic work permission process u2girlie so articulately described, online work would allow you to be paid in your home currency instead of pesos- which, judging by the way things are right now, would be highly desirable.
Yes telecommuting does have advantages, I am not totally certain on how it is viewed legally if performing work functions while in Mexico. Do you have more info on that?

I have been looking at that option as based upon my days hosteling I would need to work about an hour a day to survive in Mexico based upon standard wages for things like teaching online.

Not really sure what telecommuting is out there fully.

Do you have any specific examples of sorts of telecommuting people do while staying in Playa?

You would still only be able to stay for 6 months a year in that structure though, no?

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