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Agree. I am paid in pesos (of course) and when I traveled back to the U.S. for Christmas, I had sticker shock. At Logan airport in Boston, I changed my $2,070 pesos for about $78 USD. I just about passed out. $2,000 is pretty big chunk of change for me. I will not be traveling back to the U.S. this year or next year, if I can help it.
Not quite the same but I felt likely the same way when leaving England a few days after Brexit with some leftover sterling.

It is scary to think that 150 US could potentially do what 250 us use to do, like that is a month lodging realistically at 3000 pesos in a livable private living arrangement potentially. Very scary exchanges.

Have costs in Mexico not also gone up.. I know with Gasolinazi trickledown on price increases will likely be coming to all sectors of the Mexican economy, I am curious how fast these cost increases will occur if so, normally it takes from 1 to 6 months for these costs to spread out across the whole economy, which could create interesting effects if things like the Minimum wage arn't increased.

WIth an increase in the minimum wage... visa considerations could change also, although for people in the US it would likely just counter balance.

However again if US/Mexico trade is effected by NAFTA reconsiderations, trade itself may reduce from the US to Mexico in favour of places like China, Europe or South America

It is VERY odd that only this would happen and not an increase in Minimum wage as it will end up putting pressure on those who are the poorest conditions the hardest. If it was paired with minimum wage it would offset inflation; however in general I've seen in done time and time again, what usually stops these problems is interest rate cuts, I am not even sure if Mexico has an interest rate. What we see is the exact opposite occur.

I am sure they know what they are doing. None the less it is a little outside the scope of the thread to start talking about the Mexican economy.

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