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Originally Posted by okoloss View Post
thank you !

It would be perfect if I would be in Playa and can pay locally. Unfortunately I am currently in Canada.

So I am looking fore some online business that can take payment online and offer a items that can be delivered locally.

If they have a stable address you can buy and ship from the Amazon Mexico website. Liverpool also has a decent web store and offers delivery and in store pick up if that kind of gift suits you and the recipient. If it's an expensive gift, then you can ship it from Canada and insure it through FedEx and have it available for pick up at their office.

But I'll plug Playita again if you're looking for anything less than 2000 pesos. If you talk with Alvin at Playita and tell him what you'd like to do he can give you ideas of stores, he'll call around, and once you decide and confirm prices he buys it and sends one of his motorcycle guys to deliver it. He'll add 50 pesos if it's easy, maybe more if it's difficult. I've used them for food, pharmacy, flowers, and hardware. They have a good reputation around town.
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