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Originally Posted by okoloss View Post
I was visiting Playa del Carmen many times. And find a few friends there who is dear to my heart. I want to send a gift to one of them . How can I send a gift to someone in Playa from Canada?
Playa del Carmen is serviced by the national post system (Mexico Post) as well as courier services, such as DHL.

Some deliveries can also be sent to specific businesses such as specific Oxxo's for pickup. Amazon mexico has a service agreement for that.

How parcels can be delivered to someone in Playa and will be there any fee for the person who will receive it. OR another option :are there businesses
where I can order something to be delivered to someone who live in Playa?
Likewise shipping works the same way in most places around the world; however, there are specific customs charges that could potentially occur on some expensive items. Service fees from delivery agents can normally be prepaid particularly if you arrange to pay the customs charges with your courier service.

Any advice would be much appreciated. The present is for male (so not flowers )
The issue with Mexico post in Playa is that I am pretty damn sure all their PO boxes which are limited number are taken already. So if your friend doesn't have a residential address then it may be difficult to use Mexico post. Technically they probably have some sort of general delivery function, I havn't used it though - techically it I think is fully usable in Mexico....

Lista de Correos (General Delivery) or the international term post restante. (Favor retener, paga almacenaje.)

With the post office information that I would check in specifically for. such as Playa Del Carmen Post Office, Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

HOWEVER, if you don't want your friend waiting for an hour to pickup the delivery then you should go with DHL. It tends to be faster, and there is air conditioning inside. It is like 10 minute wait compared to 1 hour wait.

Correos relatively cheap, slower delivery times, wait time in lines
DHL, expensive, relatively fast delivery times for mexico, relatively short wait times in lines - higher standard of ID requirements may require proof of credit card by showing card anything was ordered with IF it is not delivered or provided with a letter allowing pickup if sent in person who orders name.

I havn't tried other services so I cannot comment on them.

Oh I had to add,

mail and stuff is delivered to addresses - I am not 100% sure how this occurs.

The delivery address can be complex to understand for someone not use to the mexican system,but I am pretty sure that the Mexican postal system knows how it works, you just need to find out what the mailing address is based upon the lote assignments and stuff......

normally mail is just put in the window of the gate door from what I understand. They deliver on motorcycles. I think they may also have trucks.

I think DHL also delivers but usually I think stuff is post office pickup and normally isn't dropped off like in US and Canada.

I am sure you could probably get a local to do this if you could find one if you paid them through paypal.

You may just put out a craigslist add offering employment for someone to deliver a gift. You could start with a lower value item then work it up to more expensive items once trust is built.

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