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Originally Posted by okoloss View Post
thank you !

It would be perfect if I would be in Playa and can pay locally. Unfortunately I am currently in Canada.

So I am looking fore some online business that can take payment online and offer a items that can be delivered locally.
When do you plan on doing this. I am currently in Ontario but highly considering a trip the beginning of April and I may be able to help you with this.

I can't guarantee muling as it is sketchy however we may be able to arrange for me to pick them up a gift once in mexico or if you pay me to buy something specific prior to departure for them as a gift I may be able to if I have space. I am unlikely to take an item that hasn't been in my control from a normal point of purchase to delivery.

I would most likely fly out of pearson and travel from Kitchener to Toronto for departure perhaps as early as April 1st.

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