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Originally Posted by OhMyMy View Post
I am aware that living here on a decent level is probably more a dream than a probability, but I am still not giving up !

Today I came back from one "interview" for a callcenter, have any of you ever tried that? They are selling tourist packs/trips to Canadian citizens from here. As I understood, the salary is only from your sold packages cut (10%), obviously they are praising the job that you can win a lot etc. but I don't know how that's reflecting the reality..
I was offered call center jobs in Cancun and Playa, by people I met somewhat at random, but I couldn't take them because I didn't have a work permit and basically they said just show up and the job is yours, because I spoke fluent English (with no accent), and they seem to like high recruitment rates in general in sales. Both times they seemed to want to hook me up with work but as I enjoy travelling to Mexico and eventually want to relocate I havn't been able to take illegal work in those areas, across a variety of sectors I won't go into detail on. (There are a variety of recurring illegal job types that I keep running into)

Over the years I have met a ton of people working illegally in Mexico at all kinds of different locations. Some of them eventually got themselves residence permits.

As for the permit all I know is that the mexican consulates are very easy to communicate with however it can like other countries be a lengthy month or longer process to get a work permit from the point of being offered a job. However, I know some people who have had their company's lawyer handle all the visa stuff. Depending on how big/corproate your employer is the process can be made easier or harder. The system heavily favours big business and discourages small businesses from getting foreign employees.

I am curious though, any luck?

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