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I'm back! 8 years later!

I was addicted to this site and I had only been to PDC twice. I dreamed of escaping my (then terrible) marriage and living the dream on the beach in PDC. was my escape and everyone on the forum made me happy.

Fastforward 8 years-

I'm married to the most wonderful man on EARTH! We have 2 beautiful babies, yes beautiful, I have to brag brag brag because they are SAG signed models who's photos most of the USA can see in Sears, Kmart, Target etc... and I stay home with them and make my own schedule as a lifestyle family photographer. I feel like I'm living a dream. However.... Sometimes mom life catches up to you SO, my girlfriends and I are planning a short getaway for either this or next fall. I instantly thought of PDC since we want to go away to somewhere gorgeous but to also have fun! What better place?! So here I come to search for places to stay and things to do for 3 moms. Spam me with affordable properties and excursions!

So I find myself on, plugging in my old login and BOOM, it worked! My brain remembered my login and password! Odd especially since today is my 36th and I'm feeling "old" today. I know, I know... I'm young. But taking a step back and looking at all I've been through and how far I've come, I feel old today.

Take a shot for me tonight. Happy bday to me!

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