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Playa is almost the same as it was 8 years ago. Some areas have built up a little, there have been some rebuilds. In general things have built up a bit. oddly a lot of the development has been in the area around 30 constitutiones and calle 10/10. The beach area is relatively the same.

There has been a multiyear infrastructure upgrade program in some areas to change the roads to make bike paths, drainage, and potting spots for trees, but they last I knew were not being managed to insure that something grew in them. Perhaps there is a plan to plant fruit tree or palms or something that won't be a danger to cars or cyclist.

Infrastructure in Playacar tends to appear way better on average than the barrios beyond constituitones or 30.

None the less I would say that in terms of development PDC has had positive development in the past 8 years. Cost of living hasn't greatly increased, perhaps only 30% in that period (this is what I am remembering). Likewise, the peso is slightly more depressed against the dollar, so the exchange can appear as favorable.

None the less, if anything. Everything seems a little calmer than it did in the past, I could be wrong on that. To me the peak was with the end of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012 with Mayan dancers in full dress dancing in the plaza. People are still great in PDC so many friendly and helpful people, maybe it is just me but I get this increasing sense that business wise the people in playa area slowly getting more serious in their business dealings, perhaps this is a change in the culture of business dealings in mexico, or perhaps I am just not getting a good feel of it.

A lot of work has gone into it.

There are lots of great options for dining, drink, internet cafes, there is still a large night life area relative to the size of playa. There are things going on all the time, so if anything I would say that PDC has developed more, it has gotten more recognition and is actively developing itself for tourism. The big change i started noticing a few years back is that there are active measures to improve the city from 30 to the beach even beyond constituiones, so this has some optimism for future development all the way from 30 down to the resort at the north edge of town. That area already is fairly expansive, and relatively secure with the military base there, whether it will materialize is anyone's guess but it seems they are actively trying to make more the city accessible for cyclists. The idea i think is that things will continued to move down 5th, as the core is more or less full. then from 5th it will grow to 10th ect.. overall PDC is basically the same old place.

In fact if anything I think mexico may have in general gotten a little calmer from the days where there was a lot more flagrant events happening. Still no doubt some areas get jam packed. There is still an active nightlife scene there. There is really something for everyone there old or young.

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