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We are getting close to retirement about 2 years if everything goes to plan. We have been to the Mayan Riviera several times and love the area. We are considering purchasing a condo orhome and would like some advice of areas to consider. We have stayed in Playacar before and like it because its quiet, walking distance to a great beach but still close to downtown for nights out and shopping. We don't really want to be in the centre of town because of noise, crowds etc, are there any other areas similar to Playacar in the area we should consider? We would want to be within a short walk to the beach.

You will likely need to either need to check out a lot of places yourself or hook up with a real estate agent, there are a few offices in Playa del Carmen that will work with you to find somewhere. The nature of real estate in PDC is that it is constantly changing. If you were hunting yourself some Spanish knowledge, and knowledge of the sites that list properties for sale would be a good start.

Personally if I was seriouslly going to be putting a substantial sum of cash I would want to make sure the agent was legit and the agency I was working with was legit also. Working with large amounts of cash, almost demands having people do these things for you, a lawyer, a real estate agency, and a banker.

None the less I found this place that is just outfit awsome. I got to hand it to the designer of the place, it is lovely. But not right next to the ocean, nice pool though. - HERMOSA CASA CLAVADA EN LA JUNGLA"


There are a bunch of places that are selling right in Playacar. More places than normal were up for sale last winter.

With things potentially all screwed up between the US and Mexico this year I would not be surprised with people selling.

Although I doubt that tit for tat will happen regarding seizing US assets in mexico to pay for tax increases marked to pay for the wall, this sort of environment with anti-US sentiment and threats against American citizens assets in Mexico may push even more to sell out before anything happens especially if they are fence sitting or leveraging a foreign asset, that becomes jeopardize, it could push low risk real estate investors to sell off assets prior to risking any crazy laws by the Mexican government aimed against Americans due to anti Mexican US tax levies that Trump administration brings in.

Unlikely but as said look in playacar if you like playacar. Places are up for sale there.

You never expect things like this to come in.

Personally I think we are still many months away of getting a sense for how things will be over the next 4 years.

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