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Originally Posted by roni View Post
The author of the article claiming that three deputies in the Mexican legislative branch are interested in expropriating expat property writes for a web site promoting Ecuador as a retirement location for ex-pats.

This calls for some basic critical thinking skills, perhaps.

Yes alarmism I agree, however, the real question is, do these legislators exist and who are they, what party are they from would be things to look into.

Also with the Anti Trump protests in Mexico, it is also getting heaped onto the president too, with people taking advantage of that and the recent gas protests.

With a 20% TARIFF on Mexican goods, it will likley put even more economic strain on Mexico. Desperate times can lead to desperate actions. While I would not say that liens on American owned properties will happen, it is however representative of the chance that Americans may be targeted for some sort of unfavourable state action.

I have little doubt saner heads will prevail in Mexico, however, these sorts of things are indicative of greater risk of investment in Mexico in general because all the big players will stay out under a 20% import tax threat and renegotiation of NAFTA.

I think you are spot on in raising the bias though.

If you look at it it really would not be non-proportional in terms of economic impact for mexico to place liens on the properties of Americans in Mexico when faced with ripping up a 25 year old trade deal and instituting a 20% tax on trade with the US... not extreme in proportion at all.

I do think the fallout would be awful regardless but this is earmarked of a relationship going to hell. Plus the 3 million Mexicans illegally living in the US will need somewhere to live, the 600,000 americans living in Mexico only make up a small portion of that.

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