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Thanks everybody for the input, wasn't looking to spark a political debate but with the uncertainty at this current time maybe a decline in real estate prices in resort areas is on the horizon. We were just in the area, seems to be lots of construction and if American buyers and current American have some concerns could there be a market impact? More supply, less demand. Any one seen indications of a slowing real estate market?
The American market and buyers indeed, however that's only one small segment of the owners here! There is lots of other foreign buyer here.

Even at home real estate prices are down, but no where near where they should be and real estate agents everywhere will try to get the most $ for their commission, as they should that's their job right.

As far as rental markets, I don't think so, at least not yet. More supply, less demand - it seems to be on the horizon but those that have properties now can't see it... trying to book next year at a discount? think again!
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