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Originally Posted by OhMyMy View Post
Your guess is correct - my native language is Polish.

@EditedUser - thanks a lot for info. I've sent you a PM a while ago regarding what you've said but maybe you missed it

So far no luck yet - so either I need to find something soon or we will be looking at comming back to Europe I suppose. However, as ironic as life likes to be, in Europe it is not easy case to get permission for longer stay/work for my Girlfiend So any brilliant ideas are welcome !

Have a nice day

Hi Tomas
I was in your girlfriendīs situation many years ago, My German ex husband got a job as a consultant for environmental agencies that have contracts here, he later became director of MARTI; Mesoamerican Reef Tourism Initiative. It took a lot of interviews and some experience working with UNDP prior to that. But donīt give up, check the NGOīs here you will be surprised.
I also have a friend that works every other month in oil Rigs and he travels back and forth makes a good living, its a better alternative.
A work colleague worked in Call centers and she just told me she did make a lot of money but it is not a job for everyone, she recommends trying it for a week or so and seeing if its for you.
I had a lot of friends that were Alltournative guides, at the time that James was doing their site also in Plaza antigua, they were all happy for a while but after 6 months they would burn out because its an exhausting job, good money but really hard schedules.
Good luck and keep looking.
If you end up having to return to Europe, you can get your girlfriend a student visa and enroll in a 4 year program after that you can maybe check other alternatives.
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