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Originally Posted by CDLVancouver View Post
When in playacar weve had almost every cabbie want 120 p to zone 1...and they consider zone 1 to be the taxi sitio at calle 1.
I hate taking a cab from playacar in to town.
I get it.
And yes some will not go past calle 1, some will go to 8th or 10th.
We have stayed in Playacar fase 2 for 11 years now, and yes it can be frustrating to say the least. I won't get in a taxi for more than the 90 pesos, which pisses my wife off because when she wants to go she wants to go, even for 30 pesos more. But it is the principle of it for me.
We stay in the far southwest corner and this past trip a taxi rolled up and wanted 120. I passed and within a minute we had walked up to the stand at Sandos where that same taxi was at the back of the line on a very slow day. Someone said "taxi". I said 90. He said "si" . The guy at the back was none to pleased. I just don't get it. He could have had and easy and correct fare and been back in minutes.
I never have the same issue from downtown back to Playacar. Go figure.

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