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Keeping a US phone number

Hi all,

I'm finally moving to Playa, and I hope to arrive next month. I plan to bring my unlocked android phone, and get a Telcel sim with a local number, and use Whatsapp. That takes care of my calling needs within Mexico, and for anyone who also uses Whatsapp.

I have a google voice number, and using the hangouts app, I have an alternate US based number on my phone. It currently works for me, but..........It is my recent understanding that once it is no longer tied to a US based number, my google voice number won't work. Can anyone confirm this?

My goal is to have a US based number to have as my contact number for people / businesses in the US. Ideally, it would ring on my cell.

Is this achievable? What do some of you American expats in Playa do?


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