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Originally Posted by ryberg View Post
My impression has been that many of them appear not to. But even if they do, that doesn't make it wrong to bring it into the context, as far as I can see.

In that it seems analogous to the related issue that frequently comes up, of geography and locations and distances. It's not unusual for people to post in a place like this or TripAdvisor forums related to the RM, where they are planning to travel, because they have heard reports of violence in, say, Ciudad Juarez or Monterrey or Mexico City. One would similarly hope they would realize the significant distance between those places and this one, and yet they often don't appear to. But even if they do, it wouldn't make it wrong to point out the distances involved...

Right: the place referred to for comparison doesn't have to be the one in which they live, or very near to it. It's equally valid to compare an alternate destination to this one, one that, like I say, they don't appear to recognize as being particularly dangerous or to be avoided.

It may all come down to different impressions on the bolded point above, with you thinking they already know and recognize what's being pointed out, and me thinking they seem not to. (shrug)
It is an individual choice, when it comes down to it.

We know a woman who has lived in Mexico for decades. She lived in Jalisco for years and then moved to Morelia, Michoacan for love. A few years later she and her partner moved to Mexico City - for safety. She said the notion of moving to Mexico City for safety might seem odd, but there it was.

Quintana Roo is the 9th safest state in Mexico, 9th of 31. Pretty darn good. I go there for vacation. I am not affiliated with any commercial interests there, BTW.

We know people who go to Acapulco, Guerrero for vacation (from Merida) It is a far more dangerous state, but they get home safely. Michoacan is also a more dangerous state, and we know people who vacation there and get home safely.

I would say that if you live a relatively sane life, there is a huge probability that you and your family will have a pretty good vacation and get home safely, depending on weather, sargassum and many other factors.
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