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I would say that if you live a relatively sane life, there is a huge probability that you and your family will have a pretty good vacation and get home safely, depending on weather, sargassum and many other factors.
yup, completely agree. Mexico, even in it's most dangerous states is still very safe -if you are a tourist.

And I go to Guerrero most of the times I go to Mexico, and will continue to, it's my favourite. Even now that things are bad again, there was a firebombing there right in the tourist zone and five bars were affected (2 burned to the ground- these were tourist businesses in the tourist zone) ......then three policemen executed in broad daylight- again right in the tourist area..... and then there were also 4 people shot, cartel vs cartel issue, also at a bar in the tourist area...these are all recent incidents in the past couple of months, WAY MORE than usual there ...and my links about Cabo were incidents that are happening in the tourist areas too....

yet oddly enough, as of May 2 my gov't is still excluding Ixtapa/Zihua from their travel warning- hmmmm

so no, Steve, I'm not really talking about people who are bad at geography and can't tell Cuidad Juarez from Akumal.

(and when stuff like this starts going on, tourists to these areas SHOULD really know about it, no? When innocent tourists are killed, just for being in the vicinity? Personally, that is the sort of incidents I AM concerned about.)

CARTEL TERROR: Gunmen Open Fire on Crowd in Mexican Resort Town

but none of this has anything to with my first point -which is, saying Chicago or wherever ALSO has a lot of crime is nothing but an attempt to the concerned person's reaction should be 'Hey, you're right, it's dangerous in other places, therefore I guess what the situation is there should cease to matter to me at all.'

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