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Originally Posted by josh_edwards View Post

I've planned out a tentative route:
* Day 1: Calgary to Denver
* Day 2: Denver to El Paso
* Day 3: El Paso to Jimenez
* Day 4: Jimenez to San Luis Potosi
* Day 5: San Luis Potosi to Cordoba
* Day 6: Cordoba to Ciudad del Carmen
* Day 7: Ciudad del Carmen to Akuaml
Can help with some comments. Day 3 and 4 are all a blur in my memeory, pretty empty out there from what I do recall (only have done it once, the rest I've done multiple times). Day 5 will be pretty easy as long as you do not miss the Arco and head into Mexico City. The toll is high and there is nothing on the Arco (it runs out into the country) but it beats trying to drive the city. The drive down the mountain can be "fun" if it is rainy or foggy. I have been stopped at the start of it for 9hr while they cleaned up a multi truck accident. The road from Villa Hermosa to Ciudad del Carmen is short but more topes per KM than many places, plan on it being slow.

Only time I've tried to find pet friendly was in Puebla and I used the Holiday Inn. Max sleeps in the camper most of the time.
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