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Originally Posted by Elote el Rey View Post
T-Mobile, ATT, Verizon all offer a "Mexico" plan. They all have restrictions for use in Mexico. I know this because T-Mobile kicked me off their system.

TelCel has the same kind of restrictions on it use in the USA.
Hmmmm, we've been using US T-Mobile numbers for years in Playa and haven't had any issue with any restrictions and certainly not with being kicked off... They have been treating Canada, the US and Mexico as a single region for quite some time now, so voice/text/data are all unlimited just like in the US (though the data isn't the highest speed when we're in Mexico), and there's no need for any special Mexico plan.

Originally Posted by WaterRat View Post
Full disclosure: We are limited to 10GB data per line per month. Newer plans offer unlimited data for all lines, for just a bit more...
We have a similar plan in the US but they informed us that there was no limit in Mexico (again as the data was not the highest speed). That is to say, no data use in Mexico counts against our regular US plan total.
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