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Originally Posted by WaterRat View Post
T-Mobile has not informed me of any such restrictions, nor have I seen any restrictions posted on their website.

There would, in general, be little reason to be grandfathered in to any plan of T-Mobile's. Again, in general, newer plans are more generous, and offer more benefits than older plans.

I do believe Elote el Rey was "kicked off", but until I learn ALL of the facts concerning his removal, I'll keep that skeptical look on my face.
I just got off of the phone with T-Mobile. With any/all of their plans, a majority (more than 50%) of your outgoing calls/data MUST originate in the United States and, therefore, less than 50% of your outgoing calls/data can originate in Mexico. I believe than Elote de Rey reversed those numbers and was given the unceremonious boot

EDIT: Now you can wipe that skeptical look off of your face...........I just got off of the phone with Elote de Rey and that was (as I stated above) the exact reason he was booted off of T-Mobile. That is, MORE than 50% of his outgoing calls/data originated in Mexico!

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