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When I got booted by Tmobile, I did a lot of research on the subject. Here is what I found out.

International treaties and agreements between the USA, MX, and CA forbid their telecom companies from selling their services in counties other than their own. Roaming agreements allow use of other companies systems around the world. Can you imagine if TelCel was allowed to sell their Amigo Sin Limite plan in the USA. That plan is less than $10USD a month for unlimited calling, text, and 600mb internet. No USA company could compete with those plans and prices.

T-mobile and ATT North America plans look at usage over a 90 day period to decide if you are an extreme roamer. Over 50% usage off the HOME network during that time period can make you an extreme roamer. ATT shows the restriction on their web site. T-mobile hides this restriction from their customers and their employees (or their employees just lie to make a sale).

I do know of people that slip thru the cracks and haven't gotten booted.
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