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First Day

I got up at 7am to head down to reserve a table at the Italien Restaurant. That was the only restaurant on the resort that has A/C. After that i went to the beach to enjoy the morning sun. Everyone was still sleeping. Its one of those ZEN moment that you have to take and relax. Its mid of July and it feels not as hot as in Cancun. The Sea Breeze is actually cooler here. So around 8am i head back to our room and everyone was awake and ready to have Breakfast.
We were the only one in the Buffet at 8:15am.
We have fruits to start our breakfast

Mangoes were soooooo sweet.

After breakfast we explored the Resort.

It was around 9:15am and no soul is awake yet.

We had the whole pool area for ourself. lol

After that we went to our room to change into our swimgears.

From our Balcony

Kids are ready for the pool. Its 10 am and we could choose any lounger that we wanted. When we looked next door to the Riu Jalisco it was packed with people already. Our Resort is fully booked but were are all the people?. Still in Bed?

You gotta love this . Its like we have the whole resort just for us.

Around 11am the first people came down.

Went down to the beach and played with the waves. You could walk out 200 meters and the water is just to your hips. The entry into the water is very rocky and stoney but after you passed that is soft sand.

Its 11:30am. I decided to play Beach Volley Ball. So much fun .

Pool Buffet.

The Samba Burger. I cannot get the same thing here in Canada. Thats a very good delicious burger.

Around 2pm and there are more people now

3pm Kaitlin and me decided to join the Bike Tour. Not a great Idea at 3pm. lol

After the Sweaty Bike Tour we went to our room to cool down and get ready for our Dinner Reservation.
Vienna chilling at the Balcony.

We made 6:30pm dinner reservation at the Italien Restaurant but it was Mexican restaurant instead. Ok fine with us.

After dinner we head to our room and watched a little tv and went to sleep early. Kids were dead tired. I must say the first day was good. The service of the staff is 5 star. Its my first day here but they do remember my name and what i prefer to drink. There is pool and Beach service here that i didnt get at a 5 star resort. Well 13 more day to look forward to.
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