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Originally Posted by goformike View Post
Hi all,

I'm finally moving to Playa, and I hope to arrive next month. I plan to bring my unlocked android phone, and get a Telcel sim with a local number, and use Whatsapp. That takes care of my calling needs within Mexico, and for anyone who also uses Whatsapp.

I have a google voice number, and using the hangouts app, I have an alternate US based number on my phone. It currently works for me, but..........It is my recent understanding that once it is no longer tied to a US based number, my google voice number won't work. Can anyone confirm this?

My goal is to have a US based number to have as my contact number for people / businesses in the US. Ideally, it would ring on my cell.

Is this achievable? What do some of you American expats in Playa do?


We moved to Playa a month ago, before we moved I ported our long time cell phone numbers to Google Voice (GV) accounts. I had to have a US number to port the numbers. It cost $20/line to port the numbers but now these numbers will be ours at (hopefully) no cost forever.

Here in Playa, I use a little US $50 device called an ObiTalk. This device plugs into our internet router here and a standard landline telephone plugs into the device. This device works great with GV. So whenever anyone calls our GV numbers, it rings on this standard telephone in our house here. When we call anybody in the states, they see our "old" cellphone numbers on caller ID.It works well. Google claims they are charging US $0.01/minute for calls from Mexico to the US but so far we haven't been charged for any of our calls

If someone texts us on our GV numbers we use the GV app on our phones to receive and reply to the texts. It's really very easy.

We haven't used the GV app to make phone calls as it's very convenient to use the landline phone. But I'm pretty sure it would work as well as it does in the states.
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