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Originally Posted by scottycutts View Post
My T-Mobile account was also terminated after being sold on false promises. The unlimited plan in Mexico they say is not meant for roaming more then 50% of the time.

I now use telcel sim (pay as you go plan) with a Mexican number. My american number is ported into google voice so calls and texts are directed there.

Texts work just fine. The issue is with calls. I can not receive calls. My phone never rings I only see a miss call in my g voice account. Additionally I can't make calls out I get a message error that calls are not possible.

My guess is this is due to google hangouts not being available in Mexico (google hangouts is voip that google voice uses to make and receive calls). Or it might be something else?

Needless to say I am not looking for an alternative to be able to make and receive call with my U.S. number.

Does anyone have a solution here?
If you have internet service at home and a router, you could use the device I'm using here in Playa. It's the Obi 202 from Obihai. The device plugs into a LAN output of your router and then a standard landline phone plugs into the device. It works perfectly with Google Voice (GV). All my friends and family back in the states just call my GV number and it rings right in my house. I just call them as I would from a landline in the states. Some of my bussiness associates have no idea that I am calling from Mx!

Been here a couple months and still haven't gotten local cell phone service because GV works so well for me. Plus it's free!

We still use our old cellphones for texting whenever we have wi-fi access. So far I don't miss having cell phone service!
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