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Originally Posted by roni View Post
I do not know about Google, I avoid them as best I can.

I have a Skype number and make most of my US calls using it on my computer. Works well from home. I have the Skype app on my iPhone, but usually use Facetime when I need to talk to someone with it. The only person I regularly communicate with who has an Android phone also has an iPad, so we Facetime and she uses that.

The Skype app on your phone may work well for you. I do not leave it open on my computer cause there are spammy contact requests, etc.... I just open it when I want to call someone.
I don't own any Apple products so I can't Facetime with my Apple owning friends. But there is an app for both Apple and Android phones called "Duo". It works just like Facetime but you can communicate with your Android friends.
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