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Hola, Mike here, the OP. Here's a report back.......

I had no interest in porting and keeping either of my previous numbers. I just wanted a dependable US number. I went with Skype and a $30/yr Skype number. I wanted a US number for banking institutions and the like. Along with my US mailing address, this gives me a US presence that I need. The number is also good for parents, and others without smart phones. They don't have to worry about a long distance call to Mexico. For everyday use, I have a new sim in my cell, a 984 Playa number, and Whatsapp.

So far this is working well for me, and I'll gladly pay $30/yr for my Skype number. It rings right on my cell phone. There is no worry about being booted off a US cell plan. Besides, I live in Playa.

I hope this helps someone......

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