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Originally Posted by toedwy View Post
Well, life is changing and in order to building into the person I will become tomorrow, i have to be open to the new day.

I am planning a move to a country I have never lived, and a city I just recently heard of. It is an exciting time in life, but one filled with uncertainty. I have greatly appreciated all posts on this forum because I have been reading and learning for well over a month.

I am sure I will be the normal newbie at some point and ask some stupid questions, but at this time, I will keep reading and learning the best that I can.

Sadly, I am a bit hard headed. I tend to learn everything the hard way, when a question to a friend would have saved time, money and energy.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone as the days roll along and until the move has been complete.
Well...first of all you probably posted this in the wrong thread.
Regardless - Welcome!
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