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Originally Posted by DrewJones View Post
I had random VPN drops and with Izzi. About once and hour on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

I troubleshooted this thing for a long time. Different computers, different routers, different Internet connections around town. Always happened with Izzi, never happened with TelMex. No one at support was aware of what was causing it. Google said that certain ISPs have policies that caused these exact symptoms, so I suspect it's an Izzi thing.

Overall, the service was fine. So if you're needing a VPN, I'd just say spend some time on an Izzi connection and see if it works for you.

I've since switched to TelMex because of this specific issue.
Hi Drew,

Thanks for the info. No VPN needed,but my main interest is the upload speed, currently onlu getting 0.8 with Telmex and was hoping someone could give me any information about the upload speed on the Izzi 50 Megas subscribtion. The told me it'll be 3, but out of experience I am a bit sceptical.

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