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Originally Posted by RKJohnsen View Post
If this is true it will mean there is no reason to go to 5th ave for a beer and a ball game now that Ez and tequilla barrel are closed. Only reason to hit 5th will be for the famous Weed -Blow buddy that they seem to think everybody wants.
EZ recently reopened as TACO CITY CAFE. The owner of TACO CITY (there are now 4 locations in Playa), Angel, is a great guy and formerly managed EZ Sports for Osama (EZ's owner and now back in Canada). There are still many T.V.s in T.C.C. that are showing sports. I would guess that you can request games that you might want to watch.
And Tequila Barrel holds many great memories to me as I started going there in 2001 and still have my Collectors Edition () Tequila Barrel VIP 20% Local's discount card, #121 that I received in the early 2000's. And I earned it
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