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Originally Posted by Harold-R View Post
RIP Playa I saw this coming, it's a sad day, no Bad boys and now this.
Little on the dramatic side, aren't you? If the survival of Playa was predicated on the existence of a dive beach bar and a tourist-trap tequila bar, that would be sad. Places come, places go. I remember when the sale of the Beer Bucket signaled the end. A Burger King opening on 5th was one signal for the end of days. It didn't last long. Wasn't there a TGIF that people said would Americanize Playa to its core? Belly up. Quinta Alegria was a signal that the town was now too high end and would soon be Cancun South. Now, it is just something that is on the corner. When that goofy white-haired TV chef opened his restaurant, it was only a matter of time. Now lots of people love that place. It has become, for some, what the Tequlia Barrel used to be.

In all my years here, I cannot count how many times I have heard that "this is it! RIP Playa!" Yet, the place keeps growing and somehow manages to keep its eclectic vibe, hardworking people and sense of community. In many ways, it is better. In some ways, it is not. A bar closing is not going to make one iota of difference.
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