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Originally Posted by Babaloo View Post
Well...not really.
It's a shame it's not the sleepy fishing village that no one remembers.
I am not sure if he is referring to Playa as a whole or just the 5th. In any event, making those kind of comments based on the closure of one establishment that sells alcohol seems kind of silly. 5th Avenue is not a shopping mall. It is a collection of stores, bars, restaurants and people that is constantly changing. I probably visit it twice a year even though I work 5 blocks from it. Maybe a few times more if I am trying to do business.

There are a few people around who actually remember when it was a fishing village. There are thousands who will tell you they knew it when it was. When I first moved here, there was one shit grocery and a baseball team that played where Mega now sits. Thankfully, Chedraui opened soon after. Hell, if you wanted to have a baby, you pretty much had to go to Cancun. Lots has changed for the better.
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