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Originally Posted by PlayadelSolDos View Post
Where did all these people go to retain their "fishing village" street cred? Are we talking residents or tourists because tourists are come and go? They are fungible and expendable as there is an endless supply. I know a few people who have been here over 25 years. Even more in the 15-20 year range and lots in the 10-15. We don't sit around reminiscing about how good it all was before the "puente."

Most vacation hotspots do not create return visitors but Playa always has. If someone finally burns out on the place, there are plenty of people willing to fill the vacancies.

I get a kick out of those who are quick to claim that a place has lots "its charm" or whatever variation of that theme they use and then claim to have found a new spot where they are now able to recreate it. Soon, that place too loses its supposed vibe because it has now become overexposed (think Isla, Tulum and soon to be added, Holbox). Many of the "I remember when" tourists are like those who claim to have attended Woodstock. If all those people had actually been here when it was a "fishing village," it would not have been just a fishing village. And how absurd is it to claim a place dead because a couple of bars close?
Mine was a simple response to a rather inaccurate statement. That's all. No need to defend Playa since as you said, there's more than enough people to replace those that have moved on.

I must admit to being amused by those that rush to the defense of this city. Is it really that important what others think about it?
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