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Originally Posted by absoluteAL View Post
Where is your new "hot" vacation spot?

For those tired of Playa, if you have the time (long flight), you can go to Arraial do Cabo, Brazil. Here is the map

Sort of an old Playa look. I will stick with Playa. For those that do not like it anymore, call it changes or call it progress, or both, please go somewhere else.

Mexicans that travel here for the first time and for that matter, most tourists that travel here for the first time, really know nothing (and probably don't care either), about the "old" Playa, the fishing village. I have met 2 couples in the last few days , one couple from Canada and one from the U.S., both couples taking their first trip here, both couples around 50 years old and both couples ready to pack it in and move to Playa. To each his own. I had a 5 year plan to move here which included liquidating everything I had in the U.S.. A little planning can go a long way to future happiness IMO.
And Mexicans can't get enough of Playa. Probably safer than from wherever they came from, the beach , the shopping, etc., etc., etc.
Of course, you can't miss what you've never had (or experienced).

Glad you like Playa.

I grew up in a city, and when I married, I moved out of it to a rural area. Never looking back. Also, during my career, I traveled to many cities both foreign and domestic, so I had another heaping helping of city.

To each their own, but I choose not to live nor vacation in a city. I'll visit one, but then promptly leave, and return to real paradise. Again, to each their own.

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