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Originally Posted by Sogno View Post
Mine was a simple response to a rather inaccurate statement. That's all. No need to defend Playa since as you said, there's more than enough people to replace those that have moved on.

I must admit to being amused by those that rush to the defense of this city. Is it really that important what others think about it?
My questions were about people with your mindset. I asked a pretty simple question at the start. Where did you go? I notice you didn't answer it.

I love where I live. What I love most are the hard-working and positive people. That hasn't changed in 14 years. Of course, I will defend my home. But I am not defending it from posuers who think they determine what is cool and what is not. No need to.

Note: not sure why that last post double posted but whatever. It was well-written.
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