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Originally Posted by PlayadelSolDos View Post
Defensive? I am on pure offense here, dude. Playa has its share of problems but I am not sure what you have to offer when opining on them. You neither live nor vacation here so you serve no purpose other than to talk out your ass about things you know nothing about.

Tolerance? Sorry, but where did I sign that contract?


First, lose the "dude". It screams ass hat, on your end.

Next, if you can't handle reading any criticisms of Playa, don't read them. Move on. No one is holding a gun to your head.

You are correct in that I don't live in Playa. I do, however, visit, thus I am a tourist to Playa.

Stick with me now.... I thus have as much purpose posting and commenting on Playa as you. Perhaps more. How many years have you been frequenting this town, son?

When you don't know anything about me, it only makes you a fool to suggest I don't know what I'm talking about.

Tip: learn to accept criticism. Especially when it isn't even directed at you. When you take things this personal, it speaks volumes of your character.
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