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I feel bad for Tequila Barrel employees that might be out of work during the demolished/construction timeframe. I talked with Chai yesterday. I have known him for 17 years. I met him in 2000 as he was working at the Tequila Barrel and I was going there to imbibe . On vacation, I would stay at Pancho's Hotel, have coffee at Java Joe's, go to Mamitas Beach, eat at Frida Restaurant/Bar (part of Pancho's Hotel) and round the day/night off at the Tequila Barrel . I could hit the Tequila Barrel, Java Joe's, Pancho's Hotel and Frida's and only have walked about 100 feet or so, as they were all that close to each other
Now, 17 years later, Chai is still working at the Tequila barrel, still as a bartender. But now he has a wife and 3 kids and an extra 25 pounds to deal with. He was upset as this is probably the only job that he has ever held. He is uncertain about future employment and his and his families' future. That is why the closing of the TB is sad, IMO. Not the changing face of Playa.
And I sort of like the height of the new buildings on AV. 5 as it provides me with more shade when I walk down AV. 5!
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