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Originally Posted by RossNoodles View Post
I just moved into fase 2 (14/7/17) and the only option was Telmex. I'm getting 4-9mbps and have been told it'll go up to 14 or so in a month. Maybe.
I've heard that some places in playa have fiber optic but I asked telmex for a map and they said they didn't have one.
I went to Izzi and they said they couldn't provide broadband to where I am in playacar fase 2.
I'd be happy to get the administrators to charge an extra 100pesos a month from people to build a fund for installing fiber. If telmex won't lay the cable then surely we can chip in month by month until we have enough to pay for the hardware. I'd love 200mbps instead of what I'm getting. Am sure it'd increase the value of my apartment too!
Who the hell needs 200mbps?
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