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Everything old is new again

I was a regular visitor and occasional poster some 5 or so years ago, but forgot my login. Something about".. may I have another cerveza.." I think. Anyway, I live in Orlando and have been in and around the Playa area 5 or 6 different times, and am looking to rent a big house or condo for the entire month of July next summer. The first 2 weeks we will be hosting my wifes family from Northern Europe, then the second 2 weeks it will be my adult kids w/spouses. So 10 people at a time, but not always the same 10.

We've rented cars in the Yucatan before so are familiar with the standard precautions, but any advice on the rental would be appreciated. I am looking at PDC, Playacar, Puerto Aventuras, HMB, Akumal, and Tulum on one of the major internet sites that offers renters some decent fraud protection but I would consider other options if the fraud risk is managed.

Thanks in advance and I am already looking forward to next summer.
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