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I thought this was a done deal. Does this mean that this can be stopped??

From: Macropolisqr

The Council of solidarity must prevent the installation of a casino on fifth avenue, holds the Alderman Jesus caamal

Playa Del Carmen, 4 August 2017.- The Council of solidarity has the historic opportunity to prevent a new door from being opened to criminal conduct inherent in the functioning of casinos.

And it is that several studies are confirmed that the installation of casinos in cosmopolitan cities and generating significant amounts of foreign exchange is accompanied by the attraction of organized crime and criminal acts, mafias and bands bands.

They also strengthen the presence of crimes such as drug trafficking, money-laundering, increased sexual exploitation of women and infants and generally moral degradation.
As you know, since last July 31, in what were the tequila barrel facilities, located on fifth avenue between the 10th and 12th streets, the new casino in playa del Carmen will be built.

For The Alderman of the governance commission in the municipality of solidarity, Jesus Caamal Casanova, the installation of a new casino in the heart of playa del Carmen is not viable, because this type of business will take its identity to fifth avenue.

" this is why the city council has the opportunity to prevent the operation of this kind of business, which brings with it the that degrade its image and impair healthy coexistence among the inhabitants. The opportunity is to deny permission from the municipality for the installation of a business type, because it has the power to do so ", said councilman solidarense.

He reiterated that "I do not approve of removing his identity to fifth avenue, for in itself with such violence is deteriorating his image with a casino we will have further deterioration".
He considered that "there are other places where thousands of tourists are concentrated that could be stage for that kind of business but fifth avenue definitely not".

The legal reason to prevent the installation of casinos is in the act on games and draws in Mexico, as in paragraph 14 it is established as a requirement that the social reason intended to install such a turn must have the " documentation that Provide the applicant with the favourable opinion of the federal institution, City Council or authority for the installation of the establishment whose permission is requested ".

It is in this section of the games and sweepstakes act in Mexico that it publishes by the ministry of the interior where it is the City Council's opportunity to close the way to criminal conduct inherent in the functioning of casinos.
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