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Today's Poresto translated:

"Predatory tourism"

The discomfort has been widespread on the island of Holbox. The palliative proposed by the state government did not result in that tourist destination and the mayor of Lázaro Cárdenas, Emilio Jiménez Ancona received the wrath of the population.
The mayor was comfortable at the Holbox fishing tournament when a hundred people cornered him and rebuked him that the problem of water and electric power remains latent on the island.
The first mayor sought to protect himself and even rerouted against the government of Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, who said he has not supported the "enough". His words were to try to reassure widespread anger.
Beyond politics, the clash between the mayor of Lazaro Cardenas and the inhabitants of Holbox, showed that the problem on the island is still latent and growing at a rapid pace.
The warnings of how this would happen, came from many organizations and organizations that held for a year that the collapse was about to occur.
However, nobody did anything. Currently the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas is unable to obtain sufficient resources to invest in Holbox, meanwhile the state government only presents temporary solutions to a problem that has already generated the possibility of the island leaving its tourist side and lost as the Treasure of the Mexican Caribbean.

The warnings

For environmental group Greenpace, beyond governmental responsibilities, Quintana Roo exemplifies the permanent and disorderly growth of cities, without infrastructure - electricity grid, roads or adequate services - drinking water supply, drainage and sewerage, discharges and Wastewater treatment and adequate disposal of solid waste - which would cause the carrying capacity of the ecosystem to be exceeded.
Greenpeace calls "predatory tourism" to large-scale projects that only seek short-term benefit without internalizing environmental and social costs. It is a model that has been in Mexico since the 1970s and has already caused many problems, from pollution and overcrowding to the destruction of ecosystems such as mangroves.
The latter is what has happened with Holbox. It is not enough to declare protected areas, but it requires political will that demonstrates the interest in preserving these fragile, fragile and vulnerable ecosystems, rather than favoring political and economic development criteria for national or international companies at the expense of communities and the environment environment.
From this environmental organization three calls were made to the authorities in its three spheres of government: Federal, State and Municipal, as well as investors to review the situation on Isla Holbox, to respect the federal and state constitutional order, legislations Federal and local levels and the common welfare in the protection of the environment should be weighed against the economic interest of a few.
None of the three calls were taken into account. Holbox does not have a management program as a Protected Natural Area, although it must have been filed since 1995, one year after the creation of the ANP.
This has caused the island to be fractioned and its land use changed in order to promote the construction of high-impact tourism developments, which has increased land tenure conflicts and is causing islanders to be Deceived and stripped of their lands, which obliterates social justice.
According to fraction II of Article 42 of the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico, islands, keys and reefs are established as part of the national territory in the adjacent seas, these are the integral elements of the Mexican Insular Territory.
With respect to the Mexican Island Territories (TIM), Article 48 of the Constitution establishes that they depend directly on the Government of the Federation, except for those islands on which, until the date of the promulgation of the Mexican Constitution (February 5, 1917) The states have exercised jurisdiction. That is, the island territories off the coast of Nayarit, Baja California, Baja California Sur and Quintana Roo, states created after the constitution of 1917, depend directly on the Federation.
Thus, there is a contradiction between what is established in the Constitution of the State of Quintana Roo and what is stated in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States. Taking into account the principle of hierarchy, the Constitution of the State includes territorial provisions that are not in accordance with the provisions of the Mexican Constitution, which would render ineffective the provisions of the State Constitution in this matter.
The problem in Holbox is therefore far more environmental than the last decade, especially in the north-west. Previously, roads were opened and land was settled that were populated by mangroves, chitales and wetlands.
The federal intervention temporarily stopped the process of opening but now is the part that is transformed quickly and anarchically at the expense of these resources. There a lot of one thousand square meters sells up to one million pesos, depending on its location.
On the big island there are plots of four hectares that are sold at 10 million pesos. It should be noted that the first settlers of the island settled in that part and a hurricane destroyed their houses. 16 inhabitants survived that constituted what today is the town of Holbox. This is the most fragile and eroded area. When a hurricane comes around, it causes a lot of damage.
Holbox has about 5 thousand inhabitants and a growing floating population that deals with construction, hotels and restaurants. It registers a high rate of immigrants attracted by job and / or business opportunities.
Its hotel zone, to the northeast, no longer grows so much. There is a severe problem of garbage and drainage. The most important economic activity is no longer fishing, which continues to decline. Today is tourism and its services, with 550 hotel rooms and 400 golf carts to travel around the island without any rules.
The conflict that unleashes many more is the land of the ejido. That is why the priorities of the official authorities and the authentic inhabitants of the island are to clearly define the tenure of the land and who are the true leaders of the ejido, avoid manipulation of people and achieve agreements that allow planning urban growth, So that the resources that give reason to be Holbox as a tourist attraction are preserved. That is, its landscape, its natural beauty. And guarantee their long-term sustainable livelihoods.
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