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Originally Posted by pauly01 View Post
Hey all. Im curious has anyone here used this site before? I saw a product that i wanted to get available from a seller. They charge a lot more than it would cost getting it in the us but thats not a big deal since i have to get this cream.

I read that mercado libre is like the ebay of south america? Has anyone here have experience with this site? I remembered when i posted recommendation for a rice cooker and someone mentioned loqsea where they do costco runs every week etc and it was great.

So wondering if anyone has experience on this. It seems like you could buy the item and you could pay them at OXXO and then they ship it to you. Does anyone have expeirence with mercado libre? The item seems to be located in Monterrey. But im surprised they have that item.
It is like the eBay of South America considering eBay was the largest shareholder at a 20% stake.
Use them.
We've used them They are well established.
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