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Originally Posted by Babaloo View Post
It is like the eBay of South America considering eBay was the largest shareholder at a 20% stake.
Use them.
We've used them They are well established.

Babaloo thanks for that information. How do you pay them? I see in the page when i translate it to english via spanish to english, they accept debit/credit card, cash deposit to santander or another bank. They also accept cash deposit at oxxo. I would rather do cash deposit at oxxo since i have paid an electric bill this way as all i needed to get is i believe an account number.

Also how do you receive your item most importantly? Do they ship it to your place or you give them an address where you pick it up? And what address would you give them... im guessing like pakmail or something like that? In the page, it mentions when i translate it..

Free by means of shipments with express shipments via dhl. Insured shipment.

Thats pretty nice. So that means im guessing i could pick it up myself at the actual DHL office when it arrives? Thus give them the DHL post office address? Im also guessing i could receive it pretty quickly since it say express shipment which seems great.

Because if so, this site seems to be very nice.
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