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Can you explain what in the process of producing this "tainted" alcohol would cause tourists to black out? I've distilled a thing or two in my life and I've never heard of such an issue - mostly it's just vile tasting if you don't do your job (and yes, could have some methanol but that's not a short term issue)
Had the same thought about 'expired alcohol'...

Distillation yields methanol and other higher alcohols that mostly cause jake leg and blindness - never heard of just plain ole 'blacking out' without some permanent direct nervous system damage due to higher alcohols from improper distillation (i.e., alcohol 'tainted' by not separating and disposing of the higher alcohols that the entire rationale of the distilling process is designed to separate from the 'normal' intoxicants by 'vaporizing them off' first - the low vaporization point of the higher alcohols means they evaporate first, rise higher in the distillation column and condense in the highest pans at the top of the column, which is the apparatus that 'bathtub gin' and moonshiners mostly lack, so the higher alcohols can get mixed in with the rest, 'tainting' the whole batch).

I suspect the 'tainting' affecting tourists is the mixing of poorly distilled alcohols with the already-bottled legitimate product at the bar - pour off half the real stuff into an empty already-labelled bottle, refill both bottles with half of the much cheaper poorly made stuff. If you're drinking 6 shots ASAP, you'll never know the difference - either before or after.

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